Pool & Hidraulic Hispanam√° S. A. , is the subsidiary of Acua Europa S.L. in Panama, spanish company with over fifteen years experience in the construction of shotcret pools. Acua Europa and his crew have built thousands of residential and commercial pools in Spain, one of the most competitive markets in world.

P. & H. Hispanam√° S. A. and its construction teams are trained and experienced with many pool installs, using the most trusted techniques in the industry and the latest technology in pool construction. We provide reliable full-service swimming pool design, construction, service, maintenance products and supplies.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the craftsmanship of our work.

Some important reasons why Shotcrete is the best system for swimming pool building:

- The pool shell is a complete, continuous shape, containing no joints, which is important to create a stronger pool shell.

- Shotcrete pools can be made to be much deeper because of the high strengths achieved with the method and have no depth limitations like other build systems.

- Shotcrete gives the flexibility to create a pool to any shape allowing more flexibility and creativity in the design.

- The shotcrete method is faster to complete than the conventional methods.

- The shotcrete is also useful for working on difficult access sites, due to less space is required during the construction process.